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23 Photographic Reasons Why You Need To Visit Iceland

September 11, 2016

While my friends were busy packing their bathing suits for the cottage or their backpacks for their grad trip in Europe and Asia, I was busy stuffing my -7 degree tent and mittens for a colder adventure, Iceland. I’ve been trying to come up with a single word to encapsulate the experience…. beautiful, breathtaking, magnificent, stunning… all of which don’t quite do it justice.

Simply put, Iceland captures your imagination and leaves you speechless. From its black sandy beaches, geysers, hundreds of waterfalls, hot springs, sulfur fields, and its friendly people, Iceland makes for an incredibly diverse adventure. I will write a separate post on what I would advise you to see and do while in Iceland. In the meantime I’ve taken 23 of my favourite pictures and captioned them with 23 reasons why you need to visit Iceland. I hope these images give you the extra nudge to add Iceland to your list of places to visit.

1. To wake up and fall asleep to the most beautiful sights


2. To capture the most magical places (such as Fjaðrárgljúfur)


3. To see glaciers up close


4. To witness the most beautiful backdrop for a wedding


5. To make new friends


6. To give quaint, cute and colourful a whole new meaning


7. To smell the wonders of the Blue Lagoon


8. To see more waterfalls than you’ve seen in your entire life (such as Gullfoss)


9. To see Canada within Iceland


10. To see one breathtaking sight after the next


11. To step outside your comfort zone (such as in Vik)


12. To get up close and personal with the most wonderful backdrops


13. To wake up at 7am and see the Skógafoss with no tourists


14. To see seals in the ocean… or just just take a against stretch because the seals keep getting camera shy


15. To see perfect reflections


16. To have a reason for looking back


17. To see mountains appear through thick fog


18. To see and smell geothermal activity


19. To experience sights that take your breath away


20. To sit in heavy traffic


21. To drive through the eastern fjords


22. To be young and stupid, yet somehow still be incredibly safe. Oh and to touch a waterfall!


23. Because sometimes pictures can say so much more than words


If my internet were any quicker I would have uploaded 75 more reasons but for now this will have to do. Every time I look back at my pictures I go right back to the same feels of, “no this can’t be real.” Iceland is rich with wonders and natural beauty that can’t always be captured and are defiantly best experienced than being told about.

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