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Salted Date Truffles

June 28, 2015

Dates are one of those ingredients that as soon as I see it in a recipe, I move onto the next. In the spirit of trying new things, and my roommate conveniently buying a pack of dates, I decided to give it a shot. And, I LOVED it! I tried making a simple date paste recipe to make some granola bars but before I could finish the recipe, I realized I had a spoon in hand and was eating it by the spoonful. Eating something by the spoonful doesn’t typically occur for me. Even with creamy peanut butter or a jar of fresh Nutella, I can’t remember picking up a spoon and not being able to put it down. But, give me a stranger and healthier alternative and somehow I can’t stop myself. Yes, I will admit, it looks rather disgusting but this is one of those time where you need to trust me when I say it tastes better than it looks.

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Baking Meals Recipes

Simple Cheese Soufflé

June 19, 2015

Based on the amount of messages I’ve been getting asking me what I’ve been up to; I suppose it’s time to stop giving you ideas on what to eat and start filling you in on my life. Seriously though, what am I not up to? Because I was on co-op last term, I was gifted the wonderful opportunity to attend summer school. Yes, we are talking about it being super sunny, +28 degree weather outside and my friends are sending me Snapchats from the beach while I sit in an overly air conditioned room at the crack of dawn trying to figure out where in the last 3 pages of calculations I missed a negative sign to get an incorrect answer. And if that doesn’t sound like the best time ever, do come find me at the library at 2pm on a Saturday in the middle of June memorizing organizational theories.

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Desserts Fruit Recipes

Fresh Fruit Tiramisu

June 11, 2015

This week’s dessert is the perfect pick me up. It also happens to be the first step in overcoming any of life’s challenges. Stressed about school? Step 1: Eat tiramisu. Just has a fight with your bestie? Step 1: Eat tiramisu. Don’t enjoy your summer job? Step 1: Eat tiramisu. Hungry? Step 1: Eat tiramisu… you get the picture, Tiramisu is always the first step to any problem.

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Baking Desserts Recipes Snacks

Apple Roses

June 4, 2015

Over the last few weeks while doing some exploring on Instagram and Pinterest, I came across all of these amazing pictures of apple roses. The first few times I saw them I assumed the people that made them were professional bakers and so didn’t even bother looking up how to make them. I simply pinned one of the posts and thought sometime down the road when I’m not as busy with school and work, I would take the time to learn how to make them. Continue Reading

Baking Bread Recipes

Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

May 29, 2015

Growing up, having store bought toast was considered a bit of a luxury. There were only a dozen or so meals a year that my mom would buy toast for and for every other day of the year we would have homemade bread that she made bread from scratch. I’ve come to realize that in many households the exact opposite is true and homemade bread is considered a luxury. But, what I have known for a long time is that bread is not a 2 minute ordeal which is why I have never considered making a loaf myself, until now.

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Baking Desserts Macarons Recipes

Oreo Macarons

May 22, 2015

I’m no stranger to macaron eating, but the idea of making them on my own had never crossed my mind. Not until a friend of mine made some in her residence kitchen for another friend of mine. That is all the empowering I needed and thought to myself, “if Amelia can make these, so can I.” And so the macaron journey began. On a super snowy January day, I made my first batch of macarons. Okay, so maybe it wan’t just one as I am a bit of perfectionist and made 3 batches before I was semi satisfied. But I think you’d agree there was still lots of room for improvement.

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