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Simple Cheese Soufflé

June 19, 2015

Based on the amount of messages I’ve been getting asking me what I’ve been up to; I suppose it’s time to stop giving you ideas on what to eat and start filling you in on my life. Seriously though, what am I not up to? Because I was on co-op last term, I was gifted the wonderful opportunity to attend summer school. Yes, we are talking about it being super sunny, +28 degree weather outside and my friends are sending me Snapchats from the beach while I sit in an overly air conditioned room at the crack of dawn trying to figure out where in the last 3 pages of calculations I missed a negative sign to get an incorrect answer. And if that doesn’t sound like the best time ever, do come find me at the library at 2pm on a Saturday in the middle of June memorizing organizational theories.

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