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Breathtaking Dolomites

November 5, 2015

Besides the memories, food and people, I absolutely love taking pictures while travelling. I have yet to count how many pictures I’ve taken so far but, considering I’ve emptied my camera more than once I assume I’ve already surpasses the 5,000 picture threshold. I think it is only fair to fill this post to the brim with photos. Since each one is said to be worth a thousand words, I should keep the storytelling part to a minimum. I mean it’s a great idea in reality but we’ll see how well I fare by the end of this post. Side note: If you haven’t seen the GoPro video of this trip, click here to see it!.

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Adventures Through Venice and Verona

October 10, 2015

I’m currently sitting on the high-speed train heading back to Bordeaux after an awesome week away from reality. Reality will hit hard Tuesday when I write my first final but, for now I will reminisce a little more about the latest adventure. The adventure itself started last Saturday when, after my afternoon lecture, I headed to Paris to meet my friend Emily. This was the first time I was back in Paris in 2 years and somehow the tranquil atmosphere in Bordeaux had made me forget how rushed and dirty Paris really is. I suppose that’s what happens when you take the metro past midnight on a Saturday night. Nonetheless it will make me appreciate Bordeaux that much more when I return.

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7 Things You Should Do While Travelling

October 6, 2015

I’ve been told my appetite to life is unique yet I don’t stop often enough and appreciate it. This week I am travelling around northern Europe with a girl, let’s call her Emily, I met at a French exchange program I did 3 summers ago. Funny story actually. Exactly two weeks ago today, I was up late writing a blog post. I was signed onto Facebook when my messages lit up and Emily messaged me. This is what followed.

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