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Northern France Go Pro Rewind

December 26, 2015

I’ve taken a break from going on adventures and am enjoying the christmas holidays with family in Switzerland. This has also given me a change to sit down and begin sorting through the thousands of videos and pictures on my hard drive. Here’s a little look at one of my favourite adventures!

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The European Christmas Market Adventure

December 18, 2015

The Christmas market tour is in full swing! Currently, I am spending my last night in Brugge, Belgium before continuing onwards. Tomorrow will bring with it another city, another dessert and another adventure. This marks the fifth city and 3rd country in the last 6 days. I’m so happy this bucketlist item is turning into a reality. Each city has been fantastic for its own reasons. I started with Colmar last Sunday.

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A Solo Hike In the Pyrenees

September 22, 2015

This weekend I finished my first ever solo hiking trip. I travelled from Bordeaux to a little village in the Pyrenees Mountains where I spent two days doing a section of the G10 trail. When I first told some of my new friends what my plans were for the weekend, so many of them couldn’t believe that I was traveling alone. Never mind the fact I was hiking alone. My response to those who question my solo travel adventures is always the same; “While I sit around and wait to be invited to go somewhere time doesn’t stop.”

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